Bite-Sized Dev Tips

Bite-Sized Dev Tips

The goal is to help you, the developer, by turning complex things into understandable, bite-sized pieces.


Simplify complex things into understandable, bite-sized pieces

First of all, welcome and thanks for visiting this newly launched blog!

I’m here to provide value and mentorship to novice and intermediate-level developers. I hope to help you in your development journeys, whether you’re brand new to development or you have a few years under your belt. It’s especially important to me during these tough times; with Covid, high unemployment, etc. I hope you find it useful!

By writing quick, easy-to-read, and understandable articles on various issues, tasks, etc., I hope to keep your reading requirement to a minimum so you can apply what you’ve learned quicker.

I’m working on getting YouTube channel up and running so that I have “completeness” for various learning styles.

Stay tuned!

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